Wednesday, November 23, 2011


It is the beginning of the holiday season. I wanted to take a moment to say how thankful I am for all of the new friends that I have met through my business and online who have been supportive of me and Big Grass Farm Designs. It makes this all worthwhile to know there are people out there who like what I do and enjoy the things I make. So, thanks to all of you. You mean a great deal to me.

I also want to remind those who are local that Saturday, December 3rd is the Holiday Heritage sale at Southern State Community College. It is a great day to start enjoying the holiday season. Tons of vendors, activities, a bell choir, and plenty of food. It is a good way to support the local artists and crafts people by doing some of your Christmas shopping there. The people on your shopping list will be pleased that you cared enough about them, that you got them something that is one of a kind, hand crafted, and not massed produced. While you're there stop by my booth to say hello.

I sincerely hope that everyone has a joyful and blessed Thanksgiving with there family and friends!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Holiday Sale!

Considering that I have only bought one Christmas present so far this year (and that was on Friday because my 11 year old pointed it out to me), I thought it was probably time to have a sale in my Etsy shop. Use Coupon Code HOLIDAY11 on any purchases in my Etsy shop from now to November 30th to receive a 15% discount. I will be adding new items all through the month so check back often. And, as always, if you are local to me use Coupon Code LOCAL1 to receive free shipping and then message me to arrange pickup/delivery. Also for those local, don't forget the Holiday Heritage Sale at Southern State Community College South Campus is coming up on December 3rd. I may just have a treat available for those of you who stop by my booth. Stay tuned...

Sunday, November 6, 2011

I feel Official now!

I now have a fully functional Web site! That is not to say it is perfect, but it is up and online. In a former life I use to be big into street rods (old cars). I had a saying that there was no such thing as a done street rod. There was always something to fix, or add, or chop, or paint. Web sites are the same way. There is always a link to fix, a picture to add, text to rewrite, etc.

I put this off for so long. Considering that Web design is a lot of what I teach and do on a daily basis, you can imagine that I just wasn't overjoyed at the thought of spending the little bit of creative time I have in building and maintaining a Web site. Anyway, I have tried to keep it simple so that there will be a minimum amount of maintenance time that has to go into it. That is one reason that I am not planning on moving my store out of Etsy anytime soon. Etsy offers me the convenience of not having to maintain my own online store. To list an item on Etsy takes a relatively small amount of time and hassle. I may change my mind in the future, but for now Etsy is all good.

Isn't it funny that only now after getting a Web site online for Big Grass Farm Designs do I really feel like an official business person (lol). In the mean time, tonight I am a happy camper. I feel accomplished because the site is up and running ( and I have a kiln load of some potential Christmas ornaments and jewelry pieces. Not to mention the fact that after today the Bengals are 6 and 2 and Tony Stewart is 3 points away from the championship (yeah, I'm a sports geek too)!